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Zainab Gharbi
“Working out has always been monotonous and intimidating to me… until I met Jesse Walker at Training For Warriors Lake Mary.
Nowadays we live in a very hectic world! We get consumed by work and tasks that never ends. Not to mention the inactive life style that comes with it! Nevertheless we do nothing about it!!! Where our health must be our #1 priority and the best asset to invest in.
There will be no better time than today to take care of yourself.
I highly encourage you and recommend you to check this place out, because you won’t regret it and your health will be forever grateful to you.
Jesse took time to understand my needs and goals and delivered beyond my expectations. During the workout, he is very mindful, knowledgeable and professional. By the end of it, I feel great both physically and emotionally.”
Hector Febres 
“Ascend Fitness is so much more than a gym it is a place where breakthrough and transformation takes place. I’ve had memberships at Bally’s back in the day, L.A. Fitness, I’ve done P90X, Insanity, P90X3 and many other routines. All that to say that I’ve seen faster results training at Ascend than I did in any of the other places/routines.
More than just the physical I’ve seen a positive change in my mental and emotional states. Saving the best for last I’ve grown spiritually in this environment. Like I said it’s so much more than a gym. Thank you Ascend and Founder Jesse Walker for all you’ve done and continue to do for me and so many others!”
Drew S. Daly

“Jesse is a fantastic trainer, and the group dynamic adds so much more to an energetic, satisfying workout. Definitely a great place to keep on track.”

Joey Horsch

Jesse is the man. Highly recommended for all Fitness Levels.

Edit: still plugging away, 36 lbs and 12% body fat down. Excited for the future at TFW.”
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